The Morning After The First Time

Two lovers entwined as the day breaks through
An intimate moment that no one else could construe
Two hearts joined in an intimate embrace
Comfort is found in a familiar face

Behind closed doors a secret is shared
A unique encounter that can’t be compared
Stripped to the bare bones, emotions exposed
The door of diffidence is finally closed

An intimate whisper of feelings untold
An open expression of emotions so bold
Cherish the love that has been conveyed
Banish the fear of being betrayed

With uncertain knowledge of what the future holds
Reality returns as the daybreak unfolds
Bodies shine crisply as they are touched by the light
A new day dawns from the darkness of the night

As the lovers awake to face the new day
Feelings so strong but nothing to say
No thought of contempt, no sense of shame
Somehow things are no longer the same

Swept away by a passion sublime
The morning after the first time
Hopes for the future exclude the fears
A wish for joy in the coming years

by Adrian Wilgoss

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Thats Beautiful... I Wish I Could Think Like That. Really, Woah, Its Perfect, I Wouldnt Change A Word Of It.