The Morning Came

Poem By Geno Flash

The Morning Came

The morning came and they awoke to the light.
The first thing they did was begin to fight.

Attacking each other from across the street.
Window to window in these pretty buildings.

One finger up, the other fisted with knuckles turning white.
And they kept this up from dusk till dawn.

Sleepwalking now, no reason to fly.
Kissing the dreams when they close their eyes.

As they sleep tonight, can they find the light.
Dreaming till they've moved too far from reality.

And all they hear is the message beep,
a reminder that they never really got it right.

One day they woke up, woke up at the sea.
A cycle of serenity that they didn't know.

Now they both are stuck in place.
Standing there, staring face to face.

Don't know why they're their, just can't understand it.
Slowly crawling in the dark, trying to find the answers.

But now both are standing so far apart and looking through the window.
Forgotten what they were yelling about, it's just a careless whisper.

The morning came and they awoke to the light.
The first thing they did was begin to fight.

Then one man claimed he had the strangest dream.
The other man shouted the exact same thing.

They couldn't remember what started this bout,
But isn't that what friendship is all about?

By: Tyler Creed Mabry

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