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The Mortal Storm
TD (12/6/41 to? / Amersham, Buckinghamshire)

The Mortal Storm

Poem By Terry Donovan

In black and white
The blood is just as real
And cold the steel
And heroes just as brave.
With every wave
Comes added fear.
We strike Swan Vestas,
Sing a hymn,
We watch them out,
We count them in,
We count the lost,
We count the cost.
We guard our own
And point the gun
To shoot some other
mother's son.
The faceless foe
We'll never know.
Brothers in peace
But not in war
And do we know
What we fight for?
Self-defence we justify
Without the time to wonder why.
And do we care?
The credits roll,
Indifferent, we homeward stroll.

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