'The Most Beautiful Butterfly'

Poem By Christian Jude Iankefvozuqx Tan Limpangog

© Christian Jude Iankefvozuqx Tan Limpangog

Illustriously born at the heart of the Goddess Flora

I awake lying in the most colorful and fragrant bead of roses

Surrounded by tall, green mountains and deep blue oceans along

I never feel alone from all the stormy days

Instead, I enjoyed each whisper of the wind that blows

While I'm on the sand watching the setting sun

But I never thought things change pessimistically

When love hit me that I stumble so badly

With no one who could raise me up to fly even to breathe

Neither stars nor moon shines above the sky each night

Only the sound of the heavy rain that falls upon each leaves

As each petal falls, I cried out loudly all the hurt inside

For the one who left me with the hole in my heart

So I let go and linger splendidly to who I am

All my elements won't be frozen and be blinded by lies

I will surpass each hurt that tore me down

I will escape every spider's web that stood my way

Because I'm strong enough to erase the blues inside

Now I'm ready to spread my wings and fly high

I will cross the rainbow above the sky

And promise this world to exceed who I am before

I'm no longer weak in my cocoon to stay broken

If before I'm the loneliest caterpillar who craved for love

But hey look at me now, I'm hailed the most beautiful butterfly

That amazingly evolved and radiantly flies

From all the pains that once drowned half of my life.

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