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The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
CS (19-06-1969 / Adelaide - Australia)

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World


At a time when my world was dark,
I felt alone and very confused,
I asked myself the question
“Why am I here? ”
I struggled to find reason!
Your soul gifted my life
You were born
You gave me reason.
When I saw your little face,
I could see,
“The most beautiful girl in the world.”
I could see wisdom within your character,
I could see family in your sparkling eyes
And your precious smile,
In an instant I felt the need to be part of your life.
I was to be your auntie
I wanted to be everything you needed me to be.
Each day when I woke within my reality
Of which was darkened with sadness,
I would come to see you.
You filled my days with smiles and wonderful moments
That I now cherish dearly.
Some people are in our lives for reason,
And have such a positive impact.
You Jessica made a permanent mark in my heart and soul,
Without you I may never of found one of the most
Treasured people in my life,
Through you I began to discover and truly love
The gift of my beautiful sister!
I was able to see the love that you blessed her life with,
The amazing unconditional love only given to a mother.
You were and always will be very special and very loved,
Always know I am here for you in good times and bad,
Never to judge you, or betray your trust in me,
I am here only to listen, support you and guide you.
You have grown into the vision I saw the day you were born.


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It's amazing how I can relate to your poems so well. This was great! ! !