ML (07 March 1987 / Cape Town)

The Most Beautiful Part Of The Day

The paper thin-thread bare moment between
Sleep and consciousness is the most beautiful
Of the morning.
Just as the body breathes the new day
Into it, knowing rest still lies in its clutches,
But the mind slowly takes over and
Blusters the body into awakened readiness.
And you open your eyes and see a world
As yet untainted by the sins of the day,
Free of macarbre belonging you
Rejoice, breathing in life, or something
Very like it.
Before your first cigarette or your first
Drink, before vice and need take
You are simply awake and ready for
The onslought, at peace with
Yourself for once.
At peace with the most beautiful part of the day.

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Comments (2)

Very well-written freeverse, you captured the few precious moments at the end of rest, before you must start the day and again carry everyday burdens.
before vice & need are answered - your response to greed, this most certainly is the most beautiful part of the day - the precious moments when you first awake. good capture, Matthew. Sus