The Most Horrible Sight To A Man In This World Is The Beauty Of A Lady’s Smile

Poem By Tomás Ó Cárthaigh

‘The most horrible sight to a man in this world’
Words I reads somewhere that escape my brain-
‘Is the beauty of a Ladies smile’
A sentiment I found insane!

For how can the fact a woman is happy
And the smile she bears God in his grace gave,
Be a thing: a sight to someone horrible-
Surely, must be the thoughts of a knave!

But no, this man was a lover…
And the smile was that of his lady dear…
And the reason he thought her smile in its beauty so horrible..
Was all too soon made clear…

Her smile, so beautiful, was for another!
Who from him had taken her away…
And that is why, with a broken heart,
Those strange but true words he did say.

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