The Nest

Alberta the Squirrel had a very fine nest.
In the crook of yon Maple tree high did it rest.
She had a mate named William she called Billy Boy.
Her lifelong companion filled her heart with pure joy.

They'd built their nest lovingly all safe, snug and warm.
They tended it well so it would weather a storm.
In springtime they would add softest layers anew.
To prepare for the birth of a baby or two.

One morning the sky became ominous and grey.
The wind picked up and tallest trees began to sway.
As the lightning flashed they heard a terrible sound.
The earth began to shake as their home tumbled down.

Crawled out of the rubble breathed a sigh of relief.
Looking all about them in utter disbelief.
Thankful they'd survived both of them were very glad.
Then surveying the landscape their hearts became sad.

All they had worked for in a twinkle disappeared.
Seemed it was exactly as they had always feared.
Billy looked at Alberta in complete dismay.
'What shall we do now Bertie, ' is all he could say.

Alberta looking up, with a tear in her eye,
spoke, ' I haven't the heart Bill to give it a try.'
Rustling in the leaves broke the silence all around.
Hearing their friend's voices was a comforting sound.

There was Rabbit and Squirrel, the Birds and old Coon.
Said, ' We're here to build, if by the light of the moon
we know it 's the season to birth your little one,
we're here to lend a hand until the work is done.'

Moral of this story 'All things, come to an end'.
Yet one thing lasts forever the love of a friend.
Don't simply build your nest out of money or clay.
But build upon strong friendship yes; build, love and pray.

by cheryl davis miller

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oh yes, it is so true.