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The Mother.
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The Mother.


The mother.
She loves to sacrifice,
And does not ask for a price.
She brings me up,
And does not give up.
She is not only an ordinary woman,
But also a great human.
She is my teacher,
And also my preacher.
Whenever I need her,
She is always there.
She is an angel from above,
Sent to teach us love.
She shows her brilliance,
when she teaches obedience.
She is very merciful,
So we must be grateful.
She teaches us the art,
Of soft and tender heart.
She is very sane,
For she does not complain.
Whenever iam sick,
she is the nurse so quick.
Her heart is a precious treasure,
Full of love and pleasure,
She always does her best,
Working without a rest.
The mother is so rare,
So sweet and fair.
She will enter paradise,
And this is the least prize.
We should pray together;
God protects the mother.

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