NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

The Mother That Neglected Her Fruit

having helped me pass through the thick thorns,
relativly unscathed, and only slightly scarred,
you then left me alone,
inviting the weeds to choke me of my hope,
Mother you left me mid way through my journey,
you never allowed enough light to seep through,
in order for me to floursih and blossom.
There were too many consuming canopies,
for me to break through and allow my fruit,
to shower down on the land.
instead, chocked and strarved of light,
my fruits rotted, as did my self esteem,
whilst all around me made there way to the blue sky,
i in withered weariness chose to let myself go.

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destiny never leaves us to pure hope but there's always hope after the details of despair a fine poem