The Mother Will Defend Her Child

In her offspring there may be room for improvement
Their character by their behaviour may well be soiled
But against the put down words of others
The mother will defend her child.

Her son may be found guilty of murder
And all others say in jail he belong
But in his defence the mother speaks out
She says the jury got it wrong.

The daughter in jail for drug peddling
The ruination of human lives a serious crime
But the mother says she is not guilty
Her judge got it all wrong this time.

The mothers will defend their children
Though they may have dishonoured the family name
They will not say our children are guilty
They will try to shield them from blame.

Her children may not be good people
And bad things to others have done
But the mother will defend her daughter
And she too will stand up for her son.

by Francis Duggan

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