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The Motions
JL (October 16,1989 / Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)

The Motions

Poem By Jennifer Lujanac

I'm not dead.
I'm not alive, either.
I go through the motions
And smile like before.

I still drink coffee in the morning
And I still smoke in bed.
I still read all day
Still take showers
I still eat organic cereal
And I still love tea

But I'm really not the same now
Not the way I was.
I'm just a little different
I'm sure you can't tell at all.
See, I only changed a bit
And I'm pretty good at pretending
Or, at least, I hope I am.

I'm sure you'll never really notice
That I'm just a little different now
Than I was before.
See, I'm a little broken.
I'm a little bent.

Some of my pieces are missing
And I haven't picked them up quite yet.
I'm just going through the motions
Learning the difference between
And survive.

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