The Mountain I Climb

They all can think I am is who I used to be,
But I don’t need thier guilt or your negativity.
Say what you want and do what you will,
Spread the lies that you think are true
But the truth is something you cannot kill.

So to stop the rumors and destroy the hate,
I will give you the truth rather than the lies they create.
If you just come to me with what you heard
I will gladly give you the truth
for it only comes from the mouth of this little bird.

However let’s get something straight.
The worst came when there was a lot on my plate.
Now that is no excuse for anything,
divorce should be handled better.
But now it seems like it comes back to ruin everything.

Countless times have I heard the same words,
just repeated in different phrases and chords.
From the, you are just too good of a friend,
to the well people say you did this.
It just feels like this is a story that will never end.

I gave my life a complete one eighty,
and work on myself daily.
But has all of this been in vain
what have I to show for my work?
No one believes or trusts that I feel pain.

So what can I really say to give myself a chance,
to make you see that I am not here for one dance.
To make you see my ultimate goal,
where it ends I see and know not,
but give us time to shine,
even diamonds start out as coal.

by Elliott Gilbert

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dude if everyone lived by your first to verses, the world would be a better place. The other verses are deep. You definitly show the mountain your climbing