JRQ ( / Spokane, Washington, USA)

The Mountain Man

He raised his eyes to the wintry skies,
And watched the northern lights.
He walked a guardian route on a frozen night,
And was guided home by the North Star's light.
For many years this guardian reigned,
Over man and beast in his domain.
Then came that time of year,
When all the land said, "Spring is here".
With the flowers and the fawns, a stranger came,
They talked of how it was different and yet the same.
They talked of country close and far,
And what's not to be, but things as they are.
They wandered through the valleys and over the hills,
And heard the wisdom that silence instills.
Then the sun's warm golden rays,
Brought forth the heat of long summer days.
High on the ridges where the trees grow tall,
Where the autumn colors brighten up the fall.
You can hear the busy clamor of the waterfall,
And the clarion tones of the bull elk's call.
Then the winter solstice brings again the snow,
And Ursa Major is there in the stellar show.
Over the lands the arctic winds do blow,
And the guardian keeps his vigil there below.

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