The Mountian-N-Me

I shouted from a mountian
as loud as I could scream
listened for an echoe
yet, didn't hear a thing.
Words spew fast and rapid
as tears rolled down my face
secrets from the heart
flowed without disgrace.
I knew what I was saying
though my voice I could not hear
silent whispers spoken
yet, heard so very clear.
I cried and cried, hollered
and screamed
for hours and hours and days
it seemed.
The sky grew dark, unusually
so I shook my fist and cursed
at God.
Throw me from the highest
let me fall way down below
reality, you cruel mean bitch,
why can't you let it go?
I fell to my knees
for I could take no more
rage suddenly hit me
as never before.
High on that mountian
I looked to the sky,
my body was shaking
my soul started to cry.
Searching for answers
is never easy to do
one thing I've learned
it all starts within you.
As I trudged down that hill
I let out a sigh
for I finally found peace,
on that mountian high.

by Rene' Bennett

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