The Mouse's Lament

You crouch silently waiting for me,
Timidly I fidget nearby.
From the shadows you stealthily approach,
My heart quickens as I sense you close in.

I am keenly aware of the danger you possess,
Yet I am frozen, unable to escape.
Our eyes lock and I am lost to you.
The chase begins!

Your first pounce is painfully accurate,
Terrified, I struggle to break free.
With each twist your claws sink deeper into my skin.
My cries for mercy go unnoticed.

I make one finial attempt to evade your capture,
But your skill as a hunter is unparalleled.
One finial blow and I am rendered senseless.
The hunt is over.

You causally approach me once more,
Drained of spirit I lay lifeless.
With claws retracted you playfully swat again.
My limp body offers no resistance.

I am no longer a fitting plaything,
Quickly your interest dwindles.
Unaffected by the pain you have caused you seek another.
The game resumes.

by Maris Castell

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