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The Mouth Of A Wanderer
LK ( / New Jersey)

The Mouth Of A Wanderer

Poem By Lazarus Knix

Pay attention to distraction-
The expansions and contractions
Of your mind,
Is a hearts will to wander,
And escape oppressive time.

The teacher is waiting
With her hands in her blouse,
Throwing irate stares toward
Your distant dreaming eyes.

But just know
No tome had taught her-
That imagination
Isn’t reality ignored,
Yet the emancipation
From chains long over worn.
A redirection of thought,
A whirring majesty caught,
Within the soul‘s cross hairs.
A break from burdens you bear
A hymn for freedom from
The mouth of a wanderer-
Your song is born again.

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Simply wonderful sentiments in poetic free flowing form, from the Mouth of a Wanderer dear Lazarus, Thank you for expressing the right to be free. Smiling at you, Tai