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The Moving Van Came
JD ( / Danbury, Connecticut)

The Moving Van Came

When the moving van came to carry away what was left
Of our being together
It carried away the furniture, the clothes
It didn’t carry away the love left lingering in my heart

It didn’t carry away the memories portrayed
Every day by our two children
It carried away so much but left even more

I’m leaving this house of wood, bricks, mortar
Oh! If I could leave this house of love

What van could possibly come
Remove me from this emotionally dwelling place of
Affection, passion, anger and hurt

A dwelling place that protected me from winter’s cold
Rainy days and nights
Not the anguish of a broken union

As the men came in and out
Taking with them external objects that gave me
Internal pleasure and happiness

What moving van could possibly come
Move me from this emotional dwelling place of
Affection, passion, anger and hurt

They may have taken things out
Put them in the van
I yet remain in the life
I once lived within the confines of these four walls

Good-bye walls, good-bye windows, good-bye doors
But hello! To an old love that yet lives on as I grow older

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