(13/08 / hyderabad, A.P, India.)

The Murder Of Humanity

Once there lived two friends,
human and humanity.
human was loving and caring,
while humanity spread peace and brotherhood.
under their friendship tree,
everyone was happy and merry.
in the same world lived Hate and Greed, full of sinister.
very different from all the other.
who were always jealous of human and humanity,
and they tried hard to part the friends
and throw them away in different ends.
the did succeed,
in the heart of human they planted hate-seed.
soon the seed started to rear,
and human was left with no love and care.
it turned furious towards humanity.
all their friendship woes turned into enmity.
hate and greed infected human one after the other.
and made human to commit the murder.
end of peace was marked with the murder of humanity,
in some lost corner is the grave of humanity,
now the world knows only hate, greed and enmity.

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i agree with Mohd. Akmal Nazir, in full. Humans are Gods creation, humanity is in His Hand. We are who we are......But be sure of this.....God is Just.......All will be seen......On that Great Day. no one will get away but your respect for your fellow, has shone though the poem
Pace. Truly, humanity is murdered, but hope is not lost. AWESOME poem, kind madam: D
well composed one...keep it up! !
Friend you have made use of nice metaphor and narration technique is curious and enchanting. Nice poem.
Although I do not perceive things as well as most who read this, mostly due to my aging, in my opinion I say the poem is very well written. If I were to choose my favorite part, I wouldn't know which to choose because I liked the entire thing.
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