A Note From Our Heart.

(This poem was recited on the eve of the retirement of our staff Mrs. Bilasini Vijayan on 31st Aug 2009. The poem is self explanatory) .

Upon these dales
We were one feather,
On a long flight being together,
In search of grains of life.

Upon these branches
We were one long chirp,
One melodious song being a harp,
In search of fountains of life.

The streams yonder,
The fields ripe and evergreen,
Those teeming winds,
And those harvesting seasons -

These were our endless meads,
Our throbbing heart,
Our happy days
And treasured moments for future.

Now, after a long season,
You are leaving these beautiful dales.
In search of further sights
You are preparing for a long flight.

It will be a long miss,
The dales are fallen into silence.
Beyond yonder hills
It is all a vanishing trail.

Here, within a veil of mist,
Melodious days return to our thoughts.
Here, within our diminishing circle
Your association returns as an endless whisper.

Graceful was thy benevolence
Fruitful was thy whole endeavor.
Peaceful was thy very presence
Cheerful was our clan without peer.

And our clients are really blest,
Your services are really the best.
Our words are really honest,
Amongst us, you are a beacon of light.

As you leave these dales
Our hearts are deep and silent.
We, standing in a single file
Pray you a sojourn full of bliss.

by Ravi Panamanna

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