The Muse In His Head

Poem By Jacob O'Neal

By day, a child, he watches and observes
By night, a dreamer, thinking up the absurd
By day, he watches, her face as it smiles
By night, he dreams, of her holding their child

She tells him to sleep, it will ease his mind
And slowly the madness will start to unwind
But in sleep it grows, and just won't subdue
The dreams that he waits everyday to come true

Sane by morning, he has what he craves
She haunts his dreams and floods his brain
The muse of his head, she inspires his thought
Trapped with his feelings, becoming distraught

Laying in bed, with madness, he cries
A desperate plea to the heavens and skies
A song to the sun and the stars above
To take him away to see his love

The angels, they pity, and oblige his request
So he combs his hair and tries to look his best
A single rose he picks for her hair
And he grabs the ring she left when she was there

He goes to the place where he knows she lay
Under the old oak tree where they carved their names
There she is sleeping, in the shade, in perfect bliss
And he runs gleefully over to give her a kiss

But his lips are not warmed, as touching her skin
But cold, and damp, no warmth from within
But he looks down and smiles, every tooth shown
And cleans off the moss that has gathered on the stone

He traces her name with his finger and cries
Tears of joy cause he knows that now is the time
And he looks up and sees his obsession in white
The beautiful smiling face of his deceased wife

He kisses her lips, then begins to sing
Puts the flower in her hair, on her finger the ring
They walk hand in hand, away from this life
They walk hand in hand, husband and wife

Their child, now a man, sits in a hospital room
He knows his fathers death will be soon
In his father's hands, a rose, and a ring
The man stands up as the machines start to ding

He runs to his father to hear his last words
They were spoken clearly, not the slightest bit slurred
'Your mother has the most beautiful eyes'
Then the old man smiled the biggest smile as he died.

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