The Music

The music is my medicine
it heals my deepest wound
from broken hearts to bleeding cuts
i'll turn it up
hoping it will save me this time
it seems to always work
i can hide my scary secrets
back behind the eighth notes
although i can still feel them
lurking around behind me
they're out of my way
so i can leave this place
and dance around
like a princess with a crown
the music dances also
like a hip hop ballerina
she moves around and around me
each time she passes
the music surrounds me
the next thing i know
they're pointing and laughing
because of the way i'll always be
free with my secrets lurking behind me!

by Just Becca

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Comments (3)

hey you don't know me but i was looking around for new friends cause i am new on here but i read your poem and it is really great! you got good talent! i can really relate to that poem
i really like it your poem i feel same way nice job keep writeing
I really like this one. Very well done...