The Music Around Us

Poem By Michael Reston

It begins.
It is powerful, strong, moving.
And interesting.
I can feel the lone horn inside my soul.
My heart beats to its rhythm.
The rest join in, and then.....

The song.
A hundred images in my mind
A hundred voices in my ears
They all uplift my spirit in a powerful crescendo of sound.
How well they blend together
How melodic, how beautiful.

It's like nothing I've ever felt before
And the feeling is renewed each time I listen
Only with a new view.
It is my euphoria.

I am addicted to the rush
I get from this drug that comes on a circular, plastic, disk.
But it is healthy for my soul.
With each time, my fantasies are revealed and my body refreshed.
It is the clearest water from which I drink
and the fountain will never run dry.

Comments about The Music Around Us

wow. that's like, exactly how i feel when i listen to music. This is an awesome poem. It's so descriptive. good job. You must be a music player....for some reason i think you are. like a musician or something. lol.

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