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The Music Of The Earth.
LK ( / New Jersey)

The Music Of The Earth.

Poem By Lazarus Knix

You’ll find me-
A mat of damp
No indications,
Nor any dates.
All I ask is that
You remove your
Shoes, so that
You may experience
The comfort that I do.

Search for me-
Beneath the copper
Leaves in Autumn.
Forget your rake-
The wind will
Do the work,
All I ask is that
You lie back,
So you may sleep
With the serenity
That I do.

Ask a desert grain
Where I am, He’ll
Reply “Down! ”
I’m sure, but
You’re always
Searching for
Something more-
You’ll look upwards
And miss me completely,
See that I am beneath your soles!
And all I ask, is that you
Just listen-
And adsorb the easy melody
That I do.
I have become the music of the Earth

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