(March 24,1958 / Coral Gables, Florida)

The Music Plays

I thought you were the ending
to my final story.
The last chapter I would ever have to read.
I thought your sounds
were ones that I was making.
I thought your dreams
were visions
of everything I need..
I put my heart into your hands
for keeping,
but when I looked away,
I found that you had set it down.
For an instant
I lost myself inside your memory.
Confused at waking all alone.
Empty promises framed my confusion..
I clung to every entropic dream.
If you closed your eyes and listened
You could hear the isolation in my fear.
There were no children laughing.
No soft and soothing sound.
Just crumpled paper voices
in dim and dusty places
a din of fragile silence
trapped my lonely soul.
Silence, as a prison
is illusion.
A gossamer cage
to rest your id.
I have everything I ever had
inside me
the music plays
I dance
I sing
inside me.
I'm not alone, now
and truly
never really was
inside me
the music always plays.

by TP Sage

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That is why it must never end.