The Music Swells And...

We bathe
in the sunset

silhouetted against it

as if were that
special moment
in a movie where

the music swells and...

one hand rests nonchalantly on
your collar bone

my other holds you
to me.

I kiss your magnolia scented hair.

We just stand there
as if we were

a painting
for the poster
of the movie
we are in.

We close our eyes
letting the sun set slowly seep in.

Now, in the falling

of the future I have
found myself in

(without... amazingly you!)

I still can smell your magnolia scented hair

still feel my hand resting on the fragileness
of your collarbone

your heart
like a mad little bird

beating underneath
the palm of the other.

by Dónall Dempsey

Comments (2)

.............this is gorgeous and so picture perfect....I could envision the movie scene and hear the music....
Your words are pure seduction, Donall. ~Ray