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The Mysterious Girl
SK ( / New Roughton, Lincolnshire, UK)

The Mysterious Girl

The dead leaves danced under the moonlight
Empty souls walked into the night.
A girl dressed in white stepped out,
My lips trembled as a I tried to shout.
Her eyes were empty, Her face was pale,
She drifted along leaving no trail,
I was shaking nervously, out of control,
Was she the shadow of a young girls soul?
She floated towards me, in her dress of dusty white lace.
I could see a tear slowly begin to roll down her pale face.
I reached out to touch her, tell her she was all right.
But as I did she vanished deep into the night.
I could feel the wind getting stronger,
As the eerie night grew longer.
I couldn't stay awaiting for her return
As she made my empty stomach churn.
She was back where she belonged,
And with her fellow ghosts she could bond.

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