Sonnet Ci

O truant Muse, what shall be thy amends
For thy neglect of truth in beauty dyed?
Both truth and beauty on my love depends;
So dost thou too, and therein dignified.
Make answer, Muse: wilt thou not haply say
'Truth needs no colour, with his colour fix'd;
Beauty no pencil, beauty's truth to lay;
But best is best, if never intermix'd?'
Because he needs no praise, wilt thou be dumb?
Excuse not silence so; for't lies in thee
To make him much outlive a gilded tomb,
And to be praised of ages yet to be.
Then do thy office, Muse; I teach thee how
To make him seem long hence as he shows now.

by William Shakespeare

Comments (28)

A beautifully crafted thought provoking write. A flaw in society's system, an unfair act tantamounts to injustice committed against the 12 deceased is vividly portrayed and conveyed. The lack of kindness of people is beyond comprehension considering the number deaths. Congratulations for a well deserved Poem Of The Day.
PART TWO: I had the same poem. Congratulations for this truly eerie poem perfectly for the HW-Days. Congrats for being chosen as the Member Poem Of The Day, Hurray! A well thought-provoking poem, dear Frank and in my Dutch ears, it sounds truly authentic North American.. Beautifully crafted write and eerie though, titled: The Mystery And Indifference At Evers Creek. Amazing, Frank. A 10++++++++++++++++++ for the Vote on PH here.
Spellbinding write, Frank. It conveys a feeling of pensive thoughts in striking own Frank-words. Ah, submitted last year on the 14th of Oct, enough time to be read as the Perfect Poem for the Famous Eerie Halloween Days (weeks?) . This was the Member Poem Of The Day too in 2017, I know. And this time again exact on the SAME DATE, the 29th October. In my country it is already the 30th Oct.(West-European-time-) I had that the same with
Blood cold indifference, personified. An awesome conceptualization. Heartiest Congrats on the poem of the Day.
Congratulations on poem of the day, an excellent poem, a well earned 10 voted
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