The Mystery Of A Smile =]

There once was a smile...
One sweet, happy, pretty smile
And behind this smile hides another world
A world where nothing is sweet, happy or pretty
Instead everything is dark and ugly
That is filled with tears and loneliness
Where you feel like no one cares about you
Where you feel all teared up and depressed
Your heart shattered into a thousand pieces
And your eyes red from a explosion of hot, clear, drops of pure water
Your blood boiled and ready to burst like firecrackers
Your face puffy like on of those trollz
And your brain suffering from infinite thoughts

All this goes on inside a little smile
That looks so sweet, happy and pretty;
but inside this smile lives just the opposite...
A smile like mine =]

by Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer

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hidding all the pains inside...though one though a clever move...nicely written made my tear dropp fall....10/10