AE (1975 / Russia)

The Mystery Of Art

As a loving mother caresses her child,
I cherish my beloved and tender Muse,
I devote to it all lovable desires/
And give it all my power and my hopes.
It pours into my soul as the light of inspiration,
In order to illuminate my dreary days,
With wonderful adorable Sensation.
Science doesn’t rule above its space.
We can measure the stars from South to West
But we can not gauge the soaring souls of poets.
Nor can we predict the song of the tempest.
Thus we can not accomplish Art with our thoughts.

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I enjoyed this Alisa, especially the scientific aspect, then I got to that last line, and I wonder do you mean, 'we cannot accomplish Art with our thoughts (alone) ? because that line, as it stands makes a contradictory argument of the poem. 9 from a little confused Tai