The Mystery Of Love...

Your boundless ocean of love
In which I have sunk in
Flows through an endless desert of time
And flows through the blood stream of every one you touch
So loving and lovely,
Your touch, soothing as the waves of the sea
Crashing on the shore
And crawling underneath the soles of my feet
Send sparkles through my body to my head,
Now all i see is a large blanket of darkness, dotted with stars,
Like diamonds in the sky.
In your eyes i see beauty, the mystery of the world
That which brings out the beast in me
At the same time tames it with tenderness and love
And the joy it brings me is like the feeling of the falling in love again,
And yes i feel the same,
I think i may be falling in love.

by uchenna nnodum

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Nice wording! yea, you already swiming in love :) 10+