Memories Of Mom

There is nothing I can think of
That brings back old memories
As much as old family photos
What a treat they are for me

Especially ones of my mom
The woman who brought me up
I love to see her beautiful smile
I remember her tender touch

The old photos of her ironing
Reminds me of all her hard work
All the years that I was going up
There wasn’t a chore she would shirk

Oh look, at the little building
That had nearly fallen down
Mom and I were both born there
It’s a rare photo that I found

And here is my precious family
Mom, dad and my brother and sister
Mom is smiling so happily
I would love to hug and kiss her

Yes, family photos are treasures
Gives you thoughts to reminisce on
Like these wonderful photos here
They bring back memories of mom!

by Marilyn Lott

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Write on my brother
I love music from's great
Mystery of music is very well expressed in this context. Wisely penned poem shared definitely.10