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The Mystery Of Our Bodies

The marvelous music of the river flowing,
The serene meadow and the shy deer,
I dream there are no cars,
No hum of engines and the modern world,
That we make love in a grassy field,
Ours hearts child-like discovering
The mystery of our bodies.

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Arcadian, pastoral, Laconian. Praise for your few, yet resonant, words.
You've described my dream home Uriah. I would love to move to the middle of the woods and build a house! Sounds like a wonderful place you describe. Sincerely, Mary
I knew of places such as these and enjoyed them in the way you describe. I miss that beauty and peace; I'm told it still exists but one must search hard for it here. A sweet dream, this.
Where can we find these sort of places now Uriah, in these concrete jungles that we have built to house the future. Oh, those were the days. Delightful. Love Ernestine XXX
Reminds me of my frog catching days... back when the world didn't matter. A calming and, for myself, nostalgic read. thanks! ~Amber~
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