MA (7th February / Lagos, Nigeria)

The Mystery Of Passing World

These old world is filled with wonders
And many beyond comprehension
I speak of these that my little mind knows so less
Than I aught.
Many unanswered questions,
That the best scientist cannot help to wonder,
Of the gods and The God
Of seas,
Of stars,
Of moon
And all galaxies
Of Landscapes,
Of Forest, and firmaments,
Of the sun,
Of hills,
Of rocks,
Of depth below
Of treasure hidden in earth
And many under the seas,
Of snows when they fall,
Of rain when it pours,
Of forces and winds,
Of trees,
Of breath and brains,
Of animals and beasts
Of creature called man,
Of voices and thoughts,
Of colors and people
Of race and births.
Of religion and the Faith,
Of the ways and The Way.
Of science and innovations,
Of the life in Light.
And His Son.
Of death and death
And all on your minds,
Of truth and The Truth.
This world is filled with wonders
And many beyond comprehension.
And all,
Fading passing and corrupted
For a better world.
Obscurity to dead minds.
And a mystery to them on His Path.

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