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' Call Of The River Nun
CRM (1961 / )

' Call Of The River Nun

Holy beautiful nun, you tax my memory,
Over you boys are flaunting their abilities
To shoulder a social taboo
While some dance in heartful joy
For the glory of the Lord hoped to come.
And you, with proud regalia of faith
Your hands outstretched to the sky in worship
Of God of your dear religion.
You looked down at these boys who
Worship you and wonder how God of this religion
Could bestow such unbeatable beauty
on you alone
And yet not let you be a bride some day.
Hey! holy beautyful nun, I love you like the
Host of these young boys
Who hover around you
you like bees to their hive.

And I younger, and my love stronger,
We could go yonder together.
I know the father would be glad to see
us together.
So why don't you lay down those regalia
To a new world full of love
Which I will show you.
In you have I built my faith, we could live happy
Thru' eternity.

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This poem touched upon something I often wonder about, where the words seem not my choice, yet they fall effortlessly from my pen to paper. Blossoming like roses in the morning sun, when reading them, being amazed at what I've written, thinking, did I write that? Knowing full well that I did, but it still amazes me that those words flowed from mind to pen. Totally enjoyed this poem, good to know that others feel as I do. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn
a mystery indeed the muse where vowels and verbs collide and fuse in rows of rhyme inform amuse who is the poet how do we choose? ....................interesting write......John