The Mystery Of Pure Consciousness

Leap, dear, flounce
unshutter the 20th floor aluminium window
and spring into air waving aboriginal hemcloth
uncoiffured plumes would float on pounce
dance-feet minuet in a pulsating show
hurl and alight aglow
clutch the torso of the wind and feel
the way it fondles your twiddled keel
dismantle at my feet.

Bone and flesh and guts in formless gleam
lips and thighs and tattered teat
antfeed of abstract glue
the unrestorable you
when soul would swim in sunbeam row
since the incurred fall was just untrue.

[Translation of the Bengali poem 'Shuddho Chetanar Rahasya' written in 1986]

by Malay Roy Choudhury

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