The Mystery We Are

Thoughts that come,
And thoughts that go,
Why they come,
We'll never know
What makes you,
The one you are?
Each a Mystery,
Great by far.

Have tried to help,
But even they,
Get tangled,
In themselves.

by Sandra Feldman

Comments (4)

Well-done. Has an attitude about it. Not the usual Sandra Feldman attitude but a very valid one all the same. I really am enamored with this piece. It's sassy, it's understanding, it's questing, it's compassionate, and it's just a teensy bit mocking in the last five lines but mocking in a we're all together in this kind of way... not a hurtful way.. It's... It's Just Got Attitude, Love it.10++++++++ and on my fav list
Creo que te entiendo perfectamente, Sandra. Quizás es gracias a mi propia locura!
You got the point! We are all more or less unstable, a mystery to ourselves and to others'. this is my feeling, which you don't have to agree with or accept. but remember De musico, poeta y loco, todos tenemos un poco We all have in us some of the madness of the musician and the poet w
The first stanza is fine until it reaches that last two lines. The second stanza does not follow the thought started in the first stanza, and it reads as if the subject is a mentally ill person and his thoughts, in this they do not always help. You picked a good problem to write about in the form of a poem but you accomplish this only partly.. Luis A, Estable