The Mystic Gets Merged In The Absolute.

The mystic gets so merged in the Absolute
that he cannot perceive it as an object of thought
as the bird cannot see the air which supports it,
nor the fish the ocean in which it swims.

He really ‚knows all‘, but ‚thinks nought‘,
‚perceives all‘, but ‚conceives nought‘.

The ecstatic consciousness is not self-conscious.

It is intuitive not discursive.
Under the sway of great passion,
possessed by a great idea,
it has become ‚ ‚a single state
of enormous intensity‘.

In this state, it transcends
all our ordinary machinery
of knowledge, and plunges deep
into the heart of Reality.

by Genova Maaa my mother

Comments (1)

The visionary becomes so integrated with the divine that he/she is unable to discern it as an object of thought, just as a bird is unable to see the air which supports it or a fish the water in which it swims. He/she knows everything, but thinks of nothing. Recognises all, but envisions nothing. His/her euphoric awareness is not self aware or uneasy in any way. It is instinctive (based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning) , not conversational. In the undulating waves of adoration, craving, longing, hunger for union with the divine and having only one aim, it becomes a single desire of extensive/expansive power. In this state it exceeds all that we know and dives deep into the heart of divine reality. A superb poem which leads the reader into the state the mystic enters in his/her integration with the divine. Wonderful write, dearest Tonyyyyy. Thank you for sharing...