The Night I Couldn'T Win

Why why why why why

A glass of wine to celebrate
Followed by many more
The day that I was to graduate
I wish to not remember at all

The wine it flowed all day and all night
My glass was never empty
Too drunk was I, so I turned out the light
At around 11.20

Here is where things begin to change
Where everything is at a loss
The atmosphere is a little strange
I felt extremely lost

A man had followed me to my room
His intentions were dark and evil
My hand reached out and attacked with a broom
But too late, my attempt was feeble

One hand gripped my wrists above my head
The other ripped open my legs
I cried out loud but then he said

Beads of his sweat merged with my tears
His dirty weapon hurt me
I never knew I could feel so much fear
For someone who I had once flirted

Please make him stop
Make him end it now
Make it fall off
Make him leave without a sound

My pleas they were in vain
And when the monster eventually left
He left me in agonizing pain
With bite marks all over each breast

And blood oozing from every bruise
His message to me, as he got up to go
And did up his zip and put on his shoes
Was a smug grin that filled me with woe.

How could I let this creature so vile
Cause me so much anger
He entered my life for just a short while
But when he left he took my laughter

He took my smile, my love, my care
He took them with a twisted grin
Memories haunt me, and this is why I share
The night I couldn’t win

by Miss Bojangles

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