Childhood Memoirs

The vistas of bygone childhood years
Pleasant and sweet, will bring forth tears.
How I wish to go back to those days
When innocence and joy ruled my ways.

In the dim and hazy monlit night
Gentle breeze blew from garden straight.
The melody of my mother's song
Softly lulled me to sleep before long.

During the fiery heat of April and May
From my house I used to stray.
It was the months of summer vacation
Which filled my heart with great elation.

I loitered in the meadows green and lush;
Ate many a stolen mango behind thevbush;
Swam like a fish in the village pond
And enjoyed the life of a vagabond!

With nostalgic memories when on my bed I lie,
I could visualize the events in my mind's eye.
Today, in this life of stress and strain,
I yearn for those years once again.

Oh, golden days of the past!
Won't you come back at any cost?
Won't you come back at any cost?
And fill my heart with peace to last!

by Natarajan Ramaseshan

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