Your World, My Hell

Poem By Danielle mitchell

The war stopped, the great one
About seventy years ago
All said and done
There is now peace – peace aglow

UN, NASA, WHO and democracy
Thrived along as never before
Wall Street, NASDAQ and their intricacy
Made the richest history implore
Health and education improved
Everywhere as behooved
Progress…human rights…stable regimes
Humanity can dream now big dreams

But take a sober look
Take a look at the other side of the moon
These achievements by the book
Are they really misleading dune
In as much as the human heart wants
Some basics and warm smiles
A little care that the love commands
A little respect without guiles

The city of Los Angeles
And a small village in Sudan
One common they both do possess
A small child – a tyke human
A child in these two places
Their ways of growth you assess
Short of a bias, take a sober look
Take a look at the side beguiled
A pair of pants may be all it took
To uphold the truth of a naked child!

A child unfed, cold and distraught
Laughs at the face of civilization’s galore
The truth of human progress is naught
If it has this naked truth to ignore

Comments about Your World, My Hell

A poem that pulls us up short.'If you do it to one of my least brethern you do it to me'.We cannot say that we love our fellow man if do not start with loving and caring for all our children no matter what their creed or colour. We are all guilty.10.
A powerful well penned...
Another great poem from you. Well penned. Truthfull poem Thanks for sharing with me 10+
You've truly felt the real situation. Nice to read. Deserves 10+
a wise write! your pen engraves a ridiculous Reality! indeed we are living in a Complicated World; no justice, no peace, no equality. a touching poem. great! 10/10 thanks for sharing

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