TJ (17th June 1958 / England)

The Naked I

What can you spy with your naked I?

My life’s landscape: its topography? its geology?
The obvious landmarks and the hidden histories of my archaeology?

My spirits ache: the constant craving to be free to be me?
To find and to love that one who needs me just to be?
My need to give: to give beyond giving’s measure, without caring to calculate the cost?
To share: naught held back with no shred of fear of loss?

My love: tell me you see my nakedness...
Tell me
Tell me.
Tell me you see and know my spirit and that it holds no fear for you
Tell me you feel free to walk in me
Tell me you know I am forever yours
Tell me I am lost, lost in you, welded, wedded tenderly to you.

Tell me there will be a time. Our time.
Tell me we write our future…that we see its history.

Tell me soft that you are mine.
As God, Nature, Love and Beauty are my eternal witnesses: know,
That I am thine.

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