The Naked Love

A rendition of naked love
Emotional and vivid....
Love is emotion and feelings that's alive
Till you die, it'll die together
Unforgettable memories are something
Keep haunting you
Love is so fragile but strong as a rock!
The greatest wave is the fear of losing someone
I want to be your umbrella and protect you
Openness will lead to solid strong bonding
Between two humans in love
We can see the truth after we've achieved something
Which is impossible…
Fate and destiny coincides and the day will come
When we felt the tears of the sun
That’s the day we will leave
Sorry seems to be the hardest word
I Rather be a slave of love... and obliged
Agony, pain and pleasure are the salt and sugar of life!
The darkness is sometimes a hidden brightness
Maturity has made some of us keep on going and live on
Dreams are the work of minds
But a clue we should pursue
The naked truth………
God is everywhere
Even after our death

by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

Comments (4)

Very nice and powerful poem.
Some of what you have written I believe.
Wonderful composition with nice ending.10+
wow this is a deep poem...i love it