LK (2/16/1985 / Thousand Oaks, CA)

The Name In The Back Of Your Head

i’ve never felt this way
ok that’s a lie
i lie to avoid the pain
you feel strongly for me
that's a lie

you lie to get laid
you said you felt nothing for her
but you write about her
you bend over backwards for her

and I’m just a name
in the back of your head
and it doesn't bother me,
no it doesn't
i don't feel a tinge of jealousy
i don't die to be
it's not in everything i do
i don't feel a thing for you
it's all just one big fucking lie

and i've never been a whore
to reel him in
okay, yeah i'm a damned liar
you say she means nothing to you
but you keep it up
you keep it up just a little bit longer
and i'll pretend i've never noticed

i'm just a name
in the back of your head
i'm just a girl
you go to when you need some
i'm just the one
you never speak of
i'm just someone
who can make you come
i'm just a girl
who you can never love
and i don't know what to do
'cause that's the truth

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