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A Life That Was
(February 5,1951 / Little Rock, Arkansas United States of America)

A Life That Was

A life that no death could ever undo
those cherished moments are frozen in time
deep in nature from that moment I knew
as in ethereal dreams life was sublime

The passing of years can only reveal
an unyielding love for life pure and true
my heart uncloaked will lay silent then kneel
endeavour to cherish sweet love anew

But winter came with a thundering chill
in a deathly push it broke a strong bond
depleting all life discarding at will
and tore at the seams till life did abscond

Memories linger like forgotten dreams
Stitching a heart that was ripped at the seams

© 07/01/2014

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Nicely written piece and your wording was great. I enjoyed this. Nice imagery, hey I love to write as well so please check my site 2 :) :)
Good rendition of words in an insightful piece, well articulated and nicely penned with conviction. Thanks for sharing Mary and do remain enriched.
lovely written- t the green world when all its colours were singing and we were the Story and the story told 10+++
Looking back or forward we are forever reminiscing. Particularly when we get older. Remembering the simplicities of life that are now overlooked. Beautiful worlds to remind us of our youth. Thank you
Loved this piece on my first reading when I discovered your work, and delighted to find it again today as the poem of the day.
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