The Nature Of Love

What, pray tell's the nature of love?
Its myriad forms of grace?
Could it be less than God above,
Compressed to just one face?
One human soul adorned with flesh
That turns all heads nearby?
While like a trap meant to enmesh,
It's gentle as a sigh...
Beyond attraction's courtship spell,
Appreciation's there...
Accepting beauty not from Hell
But Heaven-sent with care...
Yet with great beauty duty comes!
Be wise and honour-bound!
Else beauty beckons then it numbs
And sorrows saunter round!
Those blessed with eyes that see this realm
Where earthly treasures bide,
Must not let beauty overwhelm
The soul that lives inside!
Forbid it, Lord, that love should take
Your place within our hearts!
That place reserved for goodness sake,
For love's more than its parts!
True love excels our wildest dreams,
Our fervent wishes, too...
Expressed in Jesus Christ, it seems,
Most pleasing unto You.
Teach us, o Lord, the finer things -
With blessings new and old!
No man on Earth needs angels' wings,
Just love as good as gold!

by Denis Martindale

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