The Nature Of Things

How many times we say or do
Something that we thought was true
And then it made us sad;
A hurtful word, a shameful look
I've done enough to write a book -
I doubt that it would sell;
We stumble on in ignorance
Until in time we find by chance
The answers that we seek,
For there are lessons to be learned
All thoughtless deeds will be returned -
It's one of nature's laws;
That's how we grow in mind and soul,
Each incarnation sets the goal.............

It's the nature of things.

by Linda Ori

Comments (6)

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I really liked the shape of this one Linda, as well as the wise content. Well, I guess, life wasn't meant to be easy, was it - but it can be delightful. Particularly when reading uplifting words like these. Namaste, Allie xxxx
Very well put Linda, life lessons are what make higher purity an' stronger strangthes, nicly done
So true, so true, Midnight...And so well expressed...And we all fall victim & we all get our up-commings, me especially! F.j. R.
NATURALLY you've written another thaughtful piece Linda : O)
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