CP (4-8-72 / marlboro ma)

The Nearness Of You

I can feel the cool winds
caress, hand to cheek
naked and traipsing along
the path.

Clouds gather to see
this phenomenon. Two
gentle souls taking the time
to rest and relax, take part

in natures sunrise, before
their day begins. Jets, flaring,
going full speed, naked
alone. Lost together

in their forest of need. Forgetting
everything, to take the time
and tempt the fates. To let go,
to just let go.

Spa side seediness, two bodies
undress, caress, with eager eyes.
Taking in, soiled visions of vexed

days spent alone. Colliding
conspiring and contemplating,
a day away. Misty mountains,

sweltering lust, love, sex
and freedom, in natures home.
They consume opposites, he then

she. Standing face to face, gathering
nourishment to sustain their days
and nights apart. Heated rays, sear

flesh as eyes meet, bodies collide,
they play out every fantasy. Every day
spent apart, unravels and floats

to the winds, then picks up
and places them here, on this day
in this time. To go forward, stand

side by side, and partake
in their pleasures, from each
to the other, one at a time....

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