The Necklace (Pearls)

Times placed together
Threaded through air
Beads strung on silken thread
Falling silently to the ground.
Brambled. Abated.
Each segment lost
in its own independent agony,
resonant with every soliloquy
to the tormentable air.
Forever shewn from belonging
formidable, wretched
against thought, still clutching
at formulation.

Forever endless, sky seeded,
Littered with beads
from consistence of thought.
Fall to random marks below.
Winds blow
Mothered by persistence
singing a tale
of tribulation and trial.
Bathing orators
drenching minds to crispness
Transforming dissonance to
harvested in the minds
Brought to birth from
Harrowed contemplation.

by Crystal Korzinsky Chambers

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