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The Need For World Peace Is Paramount

The need for World peace is paramount and the need for World
peace we should embrace
And when you make yourself a better person you make the World a better place
And if every soldier refused to fight in war we would not have the war dead
And every war down through the centuries to another war has led.

Those not with us are against us some have been known to say
And to stir up ill feeling we use the words of us and they
But it always takes more than one for to cause the great divide
And wise people as we well know are not all on one side.

The flower of peace blooms for awhile and then suddenly it dies
And again the fighter jets fly overhead and dropp their bombs from the night skies
And the so called smart bombs do not always hit their targets and the survivors are left to mourn their loss
And for years are left to bear their loss in grief of their heavy lifetime cross.

The need for World peace is paramount as war never solves anything
Though heroic soldiers are glorified and of them songwriters sing
But songs don't bring the dead to life and it would seem to me
That we have failed to learn from the mistakes of war history.

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